North West Hospital and Health Service:
Training Positions at Mount Isa Hospital

Rural Generalist Pathway especially with ACRRM, but also with RACGP Mount Isa Hospital can offer certainty for training.

Due to accreditation as a Primary Allocation Site for Interns and having extensive accreditations with the specialist colleges, potential candidates can start directly after University and can continue their employment. Once successful in enrolling with AGPT and/or the Rural Generalist Pathway they can finalise their training and become a Fellow of the College without leaving the region. GP practice rotations can be organised without having to resign from the position with the Health Service.

We offer several Advanced Skills Training (AST) pathways:

  • AST Emergency Medicine
  • AST Obstetrics (DRANZCOG Adv.)
  • AST Anaesthetics (JCCA)
  • AST Remote Medicine
  • Basic Physician Trainees (Rotations from Cairns Base Hospital)
  • Paediatrics (In conjunction with Mackay Hospital)

Accreditations for further ASTs are pending.

Further training positions are offered in the following areas:

Rotations – Rotations are offered in Emergency, Anaesthetics/ICU, Medical, Surgical, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Palliative Care.


Enquires about Training opportunities for medical staff:

Sabine Orda  (Medical Education Officer)

Ulrich Orda (DCT)

Ph.  (07) 4744 7164

Fax (07) 4745 4573

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The North West Hospital and Health Service reaches from Mornington Island in the north, Dajarra in the South, Julia Creek to the East and the Qld Northern Territory Border in the West.  The main referring hospital is located at Mount Isa.

Mount Isa Hospital

  • 1 Executive Director of Medical Services
  • 7 full time Clinical Directors
  • 13 Senior Medical Officers/Staff Specialists
  • Multiple Visiting Medical Specialists
  • Affiliated with James Cook University and the Mount Isa Centre for Rural and Remote Health

District Hospitals

  • 2 positions for Medical Superintendents with Right of Private Practice
  • 2 positions for Medial Superintendents
  • 5 Medical Officers with Right of Private Practice
  • 1 Rural and Remote Reliever

Registrars(up to 7)

  • Emergency Medicine AST / PRRT (up to 3)
  • Paediatrics (1)
  • Medicine (1)
  • Obstetrics DRANZCOG adv.  (1)
  • Anaesthetics JCCA (1)

Principal House Officers (12)

  • Anaesthetics/Intensive Care Medicine (1)
  • Emergency Medicine (up to 8)
  • General Medicine (1)
  • Paediatrics (1)
  • General Surgery (1)

Junior and Senior House officers (12)

  • Emergency Medicine (7)
  • General Medicine (1)
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology (1)
  • ICU / Anaesthetics (1)
  • Surgery (1)
  • Palliative Care (1)

Why Mount Isa?

It is a nice remote friendly community and a safe place to stay with your family and raise your children.  There are good schools including private schools, day care centres, sporting clubs. Restaurants and clubs offer good opportunities for leisure and socialising. The hospital community does offer an opportunity to make new friends for life.  The rugged countryside offers ample opportunity for day and weekend trips, no matter whether you are a camper, interested in 4x4, canoeing, or prefer a  luxury hotel or motel accommodation.

If you are interested in working in Mount Isa you may consider:

  • Attractive Salary including Inaccessibility Allowance – Rural and remote allowance of $34500 payable at the completion of each six months ($17250)
  • Relocation – Relocation costs to Mount Isa are covered by North West Hospital and Health Service.
  • Accommodation – FREE private furnished accommodation is provided for full contract period.
  • HECS Reimbursement Australian Trained Graduates can apply to have up to 33% of their HECS fees reimbursed through Medicare for each twelve month service in rural areas.
  • Support Continuous, one on one support available from Directors, Senior Medical Officers and EDMS.
  • Work/Life Family Balance In Mount Isa, you are five minutes to anywhere! Experience the Outback Lifestyle while extending your knowledge of Rural and Remote Medicine.


For further information on medical positions at Mount Isa Hospital and the North West Hospital and Health Service

Please contact::

Tel:  07 4744 7141

Fax: 07 4744 4096

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.